Photo Credit: Mots

The Lady Leopard basketball program held their annual fundraiser on Wednesday evening at Leopard Gym. Each player in the program (7-12) gathers pledges for how many free throws they make out of 100 attempts. After money is collected, based on makes, 1/3 of the proceeds are then donated to charity. The last two years, Cornerstone Ranch has been the recipient of these funds. Cornerstone is an amazing program that helps adults with disabilities live independent lives while living together with a host family. If you would like to learn more about this amazing facility and the wonderful people who run it and live there, please visit their website:

Click Here

The remaining funds are used to support all levels of the Girls Basketball program.

A special thanks to all the parents who provided their time and energy to make pancakes during this event and help schedule volunteers as well as coordinate with Cornerstone Ranch. Thank you to all those who donated and a special thank you to the residents of Cornerstone Ranch for coming out and shooting some hoops with us!