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Willow Springs Middle School
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Athletic Department Staff



Chris Ross
Athletic Director

Kyle Herrema
Boys Athletic Coordinator, Lovejoy HS Campus

Carly Littlefield
Girls Athletic Coordinator, Lovejoy HS Campus



For the safety and security of our campuses, it is important that all volunteers complete a volunteer application each year which includes a criminal history background check.
Volunteer Application

The History of Lovejoy Athletics

Since its inception, Lovejoy Athletics has offered a variety of extracurricular athletic opportunities at both the middle school and high school level.  During the district’s short history, Leopard athletic teams have amassed an impressive record of success including several team state championship trophies and individual state championship awards.   This across-the-board success is perhaps best reflected in the two Lone Star Cup Championships that were awarded to Lovejoy High School for the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 UIL Seasons.  The Lone Star Cup honors the best overall athletic and academic programs in Texas and is awarded to five high schools, one in each of the UIL classifications, based on their team performance in district and state championships.

State Championships

2019-20 Volleyball

2018-19 Boys Swim - 200 IM

2017-18 Girls Swim - 500 yard Freestyle

2017-18 Cross Country – Boys Team

2016-17 Girls Track – Pole Vault

2016-17 Cross County – Boys Team

2014-15 Volleyball

2012-13 Volleyball

2011-12 Girls Swim – 500 yard Freestyle

2011-12 Volleyball

2011-12 Cross Country – Girls Team

2010-11 Volleyball

2010-11 Girls Track – 3200m

2010-11 Cross Country – Girls Team

2010-11 Cross Country – Boys Team

2009-10 Volleyball

2009-10 Girls Track – 3200m, 1600m, 300m hurdles

2008-09 Volleyball

The Mission of Lovejoy Independent School District Department of Athletics
From its beginning in 2006, Lovejoy ISD Administration has recognized that physical activity is valuable for its own sake and that vigorous exercise is complementary to the educational principles of the district. The Lovejoy Independent School District Department of Athletics strives to compliment the educational process and to promote the Mission of Lovejoy ISD and the Graduate Profile of Lovejoy High School.  Within this context for development, it is the mission of Lovejoy Athletics to offer a wide range of high quality programs that encourage and facilitate each participant to realize opportunities for championship athletic participation, physical fitness and well-being.  Leopard Athletics will provide the opportunity for all student athletes to pursue and understand the values of attitude, commitment, responsibility, accountability, work ethic and team.

Lovejoy ISD Athletic Department Beliefs
We believe:

  1. participation in extracurricular activities is a vital part of the total LISD educational experience and is an essential component to the well-rounded student that LISD strives to build
  2. students must be provided with a safe and healthy opportunity for participation in competitive athletics
  3. student athletes should be encouraged to participate in multiple activities without sacrificing academic success
  4. in winning by maximizing efforts in every competition, on every team and in each setting where skill, determination and hard work combine to achieve success
  5. maintaining an uncompromising commitment to District and State Championships by providing each student athlete with the tools necessary to win at the highest levels of competition
  6. leadership development and opportunities are fundamentals
  7. integrity is the guiding principle of LISD Athletics policies and programs and is at the heart of the sportsmanship required from all Leopard coaches and athletes